• Steve Washa
    Steve Washa Owner

    “The impossible only takes longer.” This is the one promise that Steve has always felt comfortable putting behind his company. Steve has been in construction since he was at the young age of 14 and he is doing the one thing that he knows best and loves to do. 47 years in construction has taught him a thing or two, but there is one thing that experience can’t bring you, friends. Steve always strives for customers that are friends. Steve has one decree of advice; his one key to success for everybody he meets. “Always be honest, with you self and with others.” But when it’s all said and done all, all Steve truly cares about is that when you see your finished product, whether it is a new kitchen, bathroom, basement, etc., you say only one simple word, a word that so many of his customers have said before….. Wow.

    • Nicki Hebgen
      Nicki Hebgen Administrative Assistant

      Nicki is our administrative assistant and manages the little nuances that sometimes get missed elsewhere. Nicki’s biggest key to success is staying organized which makes her a perfect fit here at Washa Construction. When not at the office Nicki manages a home life that include 3 daughters and a farm with cows, chickens, goats, pigs, turkeys and cats. Nicki is also a very big country music fan and would love to visit Nashville again for a second time on her next vacation. Nicki is here to help you find answers to any question you may have before, during, or after your project. Nicki brings enthusiasm, excitement, and a focused approach to every customer’s project and every customer interaction she has.

      • Adam Hebgen
        Adam Hebgen Designer

        Adam is our highly talented designer at Washa Construction. Using his CAD designing experience he can create a 3D model of your project so that you can walk through it before we even pound the first nail. When given that next opportunity Adam would love to take his wife Nicki, and two daughters Ava and Ela on vacation to Jamaica. When not designing for Washa, he loves to spend his time woodworking or in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and enjoying the nature of this earth. With over 12 years of construction experience Adam is our go to designer, and he’ll work side by side with you to create your dream living space.

        • Nick Siglinsky
          Nick Siglinsky Project & Marketing Manager

          Nick is our project and marketing manager. He’s the guy that helps keep your project on budget and on time, and if any questions ever arise he is your go to guy. Nick spent the last 7 years as a marketing consultant for various media companies in Madison, and now has brought his experience in marketing and budgeting to Washa Construction. Nick is an outdoor enthusiast and when not working to exceed your expectations, he loves to go camping with his wife and 3 children, and hunt any spare time that he can find.

          • Willie McGuire
            Willie McGuire Lead Carpenter

            Willy is a true craftsman that loves everyday on the job, and will love giving you the perfect space that fits your family just right. With 43 years of experience, you never have to doubt if your project has the best person on it. He extends his craftsmanship to all aspects of his life. So much so, that he managed to build his current house on the side. Nights and weekends laboring away and throwing a hammer would seem like work to most of us, but to Willy, that’s just passion. Once you’ve met Willy, you’ve met a friend. If you need anything while he is on the job just ask because friends help each other any way that they can.

            • Pat Hebgen
              Pat Hebgen Lead Carpenter

              Pat is one of our talented lead carpenters. He brings 30 years of construction experience to Washa Construction. He has been married for 35 years and is the proud father of 3 sons. When you don’t see Pat pouring his heart and soul in to your project,t he’s out doing his biggest passion and favorite hobby, riding his motorcycle. Pat’s 30 years of experience include owning his own construction business. The one key to success that Pat applies to all of his jobs and life experiences is “always work hard, be reliable, and always live up to your word.” Pat looks forward to seeing you on his next project.

              • Zach Hebgen
                Zach Hebgen Lead Carpenter

                Zach is an innovative force on the Washa team. He brings fresh perspective and new energy every day to the job. Zach has been with Washa Construction for the past 6 years, but has been working in construction for over 16 years total. His job prior to Washa Construction was remodeling homes for his Dad’s company for 5 years. Zach truly appreciates every project that he has the opportunity to work on. Each one gives him a different perspective and approach. Zach looks forward to meeting you on your next project.

                • Tom Olson
                  Tom Olson Lead Carpenter

                  Tom is one of our most requested lead carpenters. Tom brings 33 years of construction experience, all with Washa Construction so you know he was taught right. Tom has 2 children, and an extreme love of animals. Currently Tom has goats, dogs, cats, chickens, horses at home. When not working Tom loves the outdoors, fishing and hunting are his prime passions. Tom’s one key to success in anything is common sense. “If you take a common sense approach it all works it out in the end.”

                  • Josh Hebgen
                    Josh Hebgen Lead Carpenter

                    Josh is brings his creative and customer focus touch to every job that he is on. Josh has been with Washa Construction for over 11 years and brings over 13 years or carpentry experience. Since in his words “he was born into construction” his only previous job was landscaping. At home Josh can’t stop boasting about is wife of 7 years and 2 kids. In his spare time he likes to Golf and Fish and would love to travel to golf on the Scottish links.