• Adam Hebgen
    Adam Hebgen Owner

    Meet Adam Hebgen, owner of Washa Remodeling.  He, his wife Nicki, and their four daughters, reside in Deforest.  With the over 20 years of experience he brings to the table, Adam has found that the keys to success are: attention to detail, follow through, and ultimately building a relationship with each customer.  If he isn’t working on your upcoming project, you’ll find Adam either on the golf course or cooking up a great meal for his family.  Ultimately Adam wants you to know “We are very family centered at Washa Remodeling and Design.  I’m fortunate enough to have much of my family work in the company along my side to help make your vision a reality.”

    • Nicki Hebgen
      Nicki Hebgen Office Manager & Co-Owner

      Meet Nicki Hebgen, Office Manager and Co-Owner of Washa Remodeling.  She and Adam live in Deforest with their 4 girls that keep them busy at all hours of the day.  She’s been with Washa Remodeling for over 5 years, and still enjoys coming to work every week.  When not at work she has plenty of things to keep her busy…  the short list includes camping, concerts, golf, cattle shows, farming, and many more.  Nicki wants you to know… “I’m just amazed by the talent we have in the field and how incredible each project turns out.  The end goal is happy customers every time.”

      • Nick Siglinsky
        Nick Siglinsky Project & Marketing Manager

        Nick is our project and marketing manager. He’s the guy that helps keep your project on budget and on time, and if any questions ever arise he is your go to guy. Nick spent the last 7 years as a marketing consultant for various media companies in Madison, and now has brought his experience in marketing and budgeting to Washa Construction. Nick is an outdoor enthusiast and when not working to exceed your expectations, he loves to go camping with his wife and 3 children, and hunt any spare time that he can find.

        • Willie McGuire
          Willie McGuire Lead Carpenter

          Meet Mitch McGuire, however you will come to know him as Willy!  Willy is our longest tenured carpenter and has been with the company almost since the beginning.  He currently lives in Dodgeville with his wife Tia, where they raised their 2 daughters.  Willy has been in remodeling all his life and will bring over 45 years of experience to your jobsite.  On his next vacation he would love to have the opportunity to explore the Canadian Rockies.  Willy’s key to success on every jobsite is to “Work Smarter not Harder.”  Bottom line, all Willy wishes to hear at the end of your project is WOW!

          • Pat Hebgen
            Pat Hebgen Lead Carpenter

            Meet Pat Hebgen, another one of our talented lead carpenters. He brings over 35 years of remodeling experience to each of his job sites. He’s married to his lovely wife Diane, who helped him raise three boys who all now work in Washa Remodeling.  When you don’t see Pat pouring his heart and soul into your project, he’s out riding his motorcycle. Pat’s time in remodeling includes owning his own remodeling business. The one key to success that Pat applies to all of his jobs and life experiences is “always work hard, be reliable, and always live up to your word.”

            • Zach Hebgen
              Zach Hebgen Lead Carpenter

              Meet Zach Hebgen, a potential lead carpenter for your next project, and Adam’s other brother in the company.  Zach also lives in Dodgeville as many of our carpenters do.  He resides there with wife Ashley and their 2 children.  Zach is a huge outdoorsman and loves to be outside when not on a project.  Believe it or not, this carpenter of over 20 years truly enjoys a fruity beverage in his spare time.  On his next vacation he would love to see the mountains of Alaska.  At every job, Zach’s key to success is quality at every turn.

              • Tom Olson
                Tom Olson Lead Carpenter

                Meet Tom Olson, a lead carpenter for Washa Remodeling.  Tom brings over 36 years of total experience to your job site, and 34 of them with Washa Remodeling alone.  Tom resides in Iowa county with his Cat foxy on a 40-acre property where he raised his 2, now grown, children.  Tom loves to work hard without complaint every day he is on the job site.  It is why we find him to be so trustworthy.  Tom loves the peace and quiet and enjoys a good staycation when possible.

                • Josh Hebgen
                  Josh Hebgen Lead Carpenter

                  Meet Josh Hebgen, a potential lead carpenter for your project.  He, his wife Holly, their two children, and dog Hazel, reside in the Town of Dunn.  Josh brings over 20 years of experience to the job just like his brother Adam.  His kids tell him he’s the best dad in the world, but his key to success of “Hard Work and a Good Attitude” might make him the best carpenter.  If he’s not on your or somebody else’s project, you’ll find him out fishing or golfing at his leisure.

                  • Jonah Hebgen
                    Jonah Hebgen Lead Carpenter

                    Meet Jonah Hebgen, a lead carpenter for Washa Remodeling.  Jonah recently purchased his first home in Stoughton where he lives with his girlfriend and dog Ares.  Next time you see him ask him about his favorite kind of cheese.  He is a self-described true cheese connoisseur.  Jonah loves history and on his next vacation would love to see the historical buildings of Rome.  Jonah brings over 14 years of experience to the job site, and knows there is a solution to every problem, he just needs to find it.

                    • Allison Lueke
                      Allison Lueke Drafting + Design Manager

                      Meet Allison Lueke, our in-house drafter and designer.  She’s here to help you realize your dream before the first hammer strike.  She lives in Cambridge with her boyfriend and 2 cats (Rick and Morty).  She comes from a family of 6 children, so she was born for the chaos of remodeling.  She loves to travel when she gets a chance and would really like to visit Colorado to see the Rocky Mountains on her next vacation.  Her main key to success is to stay organized and pay attention to everything people say, because good remodeling is about the details.

                      • Steve Wineland
                        Steve Wineland Lead Carpenter

                        Meet Steve Wineland another one of our talented carpenters. Steve is married to his love Vilma and together they raise their 2 girls, and attempt to rein in their 2 wiener dogs Eve and TJ.  Steve brings over 20 years of construction experience to the job and when he’s not working for you, he enjoys a glass of whisky, a cigar and a good book.  On his next vacation Steve would love to travel to Singapore and enjoy the “best street food in the world”.  His key to making your next project a success is taking notes.