Zach HebgenLead Carpenter

    Zach Hebgen

    Lead Carpenter

    Zach Hebgen

    20+ years of experience | Lives in Dodgeville with his wife Ashley, kids Oliver and Marlie, and dog Kane

    Zach is one of our talented carpenters with over 20 years of experience. He may be one of the most detail oriented and meticulous carpenters around. He is a true perfectionist! On his projects if he is not satisfied, he will not leave until every corner is flawless. His ability to run a tight ship with his crew and keep the project moving fluidly is unsurpassed. You know with Zach in charge, you are in the hands of a true master.


    Zach enjoys hunting, fishing, outdoors, poker, and golf.


    Fun Fact:

    Zach is the only Hebgen (man) in the company with a full head of hair… for now!

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