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The most under-utilized space in your house is the basement. An unfinished basement is rife with real value potential. The most versatile space in your house is your basement. If your looking for ideas to transform that unfinished basement in to a useable space a great place to start is with Design-Build Remodeler. Have Washa Remodeling & Design come out and give you some ideas on how to use that space and finish your basement.

Many basement remodel ideas fall into 5 simple categories:

  1. The Entertainment Zone
  2. The Home Office
  3. Kids Play Room/General Family Area
  4. A Second Master Suite
  5. Man Cave/Basement Bar

In many cases you can almost double the square footage of your house.  At completion of your basement remodel you can build tons of equity into your home.  A basement remodel is the best way to add value to your home, and “Live in Your Dream.

Homeowners in Madison are discovering that a basement remodel can drastically improve quality of life in a home, add value, and expand livable space! Basement finish remodels are becoming more and more popular in the area because of their diversity and value. Using space already present in your floorplan is an efficient way to upgrade your home!

The walls make a big difference. Unfinished or stale walls can really bring a room down. adding some color and texture not only gives a space its own unique feel, but can amplify what space you have by making it seem bigger! When you consider your basement remodel, start with these elements: the walls, the ceilings, and the floors.

Unfinished ceilings featuring exposed pipes, joists, duct work, insulation, and drywall are very unflattering. Stale ceilings with peeling paint or old fixtures are also important to consider. Remember: ceilings, walls, and floors account for most of what we see!

Flooring can be tricky in a basement, but if you have unfinished, exposed, concrete or scuffed old hardwood, it’s time to make a change. Comfy carpeting or lustrous, rustic, wood can really add personality to your basement.

Media Centers are popular additions, who wouldn’t want a movie theater in their basement? A gorgeous setup for your big screen TV and all the right furniture can transform your basement into a cinematic refuge.

Home Gyms are a great investment. Not only can homeowners create a healthful, creative, and energizing space in their own house, but they can save on annual gym memberships. Home gyms are popular for a reason: they’re convenient, effective, and cost effective!

Game Rooms bring families together and make entertaining a breeze. Pool, ping-pong, darts, home bars, and more will help you get the most out of your space. It’s important to design the room as something special too! The games themselves are great, but without the right ambiance, lighting, flooring, fixtures, and more, your game room isn’t meeting it’s potential!

Once you’re ready, give us a call to learn more about our basement remodeling services. We live by the ethos “the impossible only takes longer” because that’s our mission: making your design dreams come true on time, within budget, and at the hands of exceptionally talented craftsmen. We’re Madison’s basement remodeling specialists, and we’re here to serve you!

Why Washa Remodeling & Design?

Washa Remodeling & Design has been in business for over 30 years. Since our founding in 1981, it has been our objective to create a process that is informative, compassionate, and convenient for our clients. We do our best to communicate with and understand our clients’ objectives, and to take them into consideration as we work together to plan projects. Make sure to contact us today in order to get started on your home’s transformation.

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BASEMENTSThe most under utilized space in your house is the basement. An unfinished basement is rife with true potential. The most versatile space in your house is your basement. If your looking for ideas to transform that unfinished basement in to a usable space a great place to start is with Design Build Remodeler.
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