Beautiful, functional, and efficient

Kitchens are the central hub of our waking moments. It only makes sense that you have a kitchen that you enjoy being in, that matches your lifestyle, and inspires you every day.

You don’t have to live with outdated designs, original layouts, broken cabinets and drawers, or cracked tile.

We offer kitchen remodeling across the entire Madison, WI area. Our services include design, product selection, kitchen renovations, and complete kitchen remodels. We can also work with you on helping design your ideal space, from cabinet layouts to backsplash tile.

Kitchens are the most used room in our house so why be stuck with a kitchen that you don’t love? You shouldn’t. We can help turn your current kitchen into your dream kitchen by updating it or completely remodeling your kitchen to create a brand new space.

Everyone has a “dream kitchen” that they would love to create.  Washa Remodeling & Design can help bring that dream to reality with our 30+ years of construction experience and expertise. We can help bring together the perfect combination of countertops, cabinets, flooring, lighting and fixtures to create the ideal kitchen for your family.

Why Washa Remodeling & Design?

Washa Remodeling & Design has been in business for over 30 years. Since our founding in 1981, it has been our objective to create a process that is informative, compassionate, and convenient for our clients. We do our best to communicate with and understand our clients’ objectives, and to take them into consideration as we work together to plan projects. Make sure to contact us today in order to get started on your home’s transformation.

ADDITIONSDo you love Wisconsin, or more specifically the Wisconsin weather? Do you love sunrises at any time of the year, but your current space doesn’t allow you to, we can help. Sunrooms give you the beauty of nature, without actually letting it into to your home
BASEMENTSThe most under utilized space in your house is the basement. An unfinished basement is rife with true potential. The most versatile space in your house is your basement. If your looking for ideas to transform that unfinished basement in to a usable space a great place to start is with Design Build Remodeler.
BATHROOM REMODELINGBathrooms are meant to be about peace and tranquility. A place you can go to relax and escape in your home. Does your bathroom provide that peace? Does your bathroom give you a place to escape? All of our projects are customized to your needs, so let us help create that dream space for you.
KITCHEN REMODELING80% of our waking moments are spent in the kitchen. It only makes sense that you have a kitchen that you enjoy to be in, and are proud to call your own. Don’t live with the outdated designs, broken cabinets and drawers, and cracked tile.