Our Story

Years in the making

The Washa Remodeling & Design story began back in 1981 when Steve Washa moved back to Madison and found a new place to call home. A first project as a simple personal home remodel for his new bride with baby on the way led to a new business idea when word got around the neighborhood about the quality of work that was being put out.

Steve hired his first carpenter and formed Washa Construction in 1983. To this day that carpenter – Willie McGuire – is still out in the field making dreams come true for our great customers and friends.

Since that first hire a few things have changed.  Steve still works in the company, but has now sold it to his longtime employee and friend Adam Hebgen, and we are now known as Washa Remodeling & Design.  We are also now located on Stoughton Road in Madison, Wisconsin, our company services the entire capital region, providing remodeling and project planning and design services for residential and commercial projects.

The Design & Constuction Process

From the first design drawing to the final nail

Our team delivers on our promise that “The impossible only takes longer” by ensuring our field crews are highly skilled craftsman with years of remodeling experience. It’s the foundation of Washa Remodeling & Design, and will be the foundation of your new project. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our company believes in experience and with more than 40 years in the construction and remodeling business, we’ve got an edge on the rest of the industry in town.

From the first design drawing to the final nail, Washa applies years of experience, craftsmanship, and expertise to every remodeling construction project. Whether you’re looking to do a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or basement finish the Washa Remodeling process is designed to give you full control of your project every step of the way. Five simple steps, gets you from dreams to reality.

When it’s all said and done, We hope you’ll say that one simple word like so many of our past customers have said before… “Wow!”


Our Construction Process

  • Initial Meeting

    The initial meeting starts with a free estimate. During this meeting we can run through some ideas for your space.

  • Cost

    Next we provide you with a more detailed cost for your project. Often this includes bring some of our subs through your project space to get additional ideas and numbers for your project.

  • Contract

    Once the project and budget is approved, we introduce the remaining vendors. They help and guide you through the selection process everything that might be needed for your remodeling process. We then apply for all building permits needed.

  • Carpentry Begins

    We monitor the process with your lead carpenter of the project to catch any surprises or change orders as they happen and notify you of changes in scope and budget.

  • Punchlist

    Prior to the completion, we will help you with a complete punch list for the project to ensure you are happy with the final look. This will ensure no details have been missed or spared on your project.