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Sometimes, homeowners simply have to do more with less in terms of how much space there is to work with for a particular area of the home. Often it’s not even possible due to certain restrictions, like physical property limitations, regulations, etc. While a full remodel may be an option, it’s not always necessary.

Here, you’ll find some tips and ideas to make the most out of any current space.

1. Storage

Storing things in the right way can make a dramatic difference in almost any room or space. Turn everything into functional storage. There can be storage under staircases, for instance, and built-in storage systems in furniture, or incorporated in many ways along walls. Minimize the floor space required and de-clutter what’s left out in the open.

2. Organize

Do more with your space by more effectively organizing. If something doesn’t serve an essential role for a particular space, then get rid of it, or move it to a different place. If you’re overwhelmed or need help, a professional organizer can do wonders when it comes to making good use of your space.

3. Prioritize

What’s the most important function of a given space? If you decide to move forward with a home remodeling project, keep this top priority in mind throughout the process. Don’t try to do everything in every room. The best room remodels are often the ones that focus on one aspect of your life – entertainment, relaxation, home office, etc.

4. Aesthetics & Lighting

Many spaces can take on the appearance of being much larger and more open simply by changing aesthetics and lighting. Additional lighting, the right colors, and mirrors can all be put to use to make a room feel more spacious and inviting without doing anything else.

5. Get Creative

Small spaces may require some creative thinking and brainstorming. Don’t be boxed in by the small space; instead, figure out a unique way to branch out. Be open to any idea that could offer a potential solution or improvement, and work with a home remodeling contractor to come up with something that’s a great match.

6. Vertical Expansion

Maximize wall spaces. That means cabinets to the ceiling in kitchens, lots of shelving and wall-hanging storage in work areas, laundry rooms, and basements. Effectively using walls opens up the more in-demand floor and counter spaces.

With the above tips, any homeowner can do more with less, and improve on a cramped or small space. It’s not the size of the home that matters most, but how it’s used; and even a budget-friendly home remodeling project can go a long way.

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