10 Common Fails In Kitchen Layout?

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All the fixtures, and new appliances, and crown molding look great, but ultimately mean nothing if your design fails.  Nobody wants to get to the end of their project and go “what did I do”?  Here are 10 common layout fails to avoid.

1. Inadequate Circulation Space and Flow – Try to have about 4 feet of space between walkway obstructions.  Allow a little more room if there is a thoroughfare leading through the kitchen.

2. Failing to Plan Around Your Work Flow – Carefully consider how you use your kitchen.  Increase functionality by including storage for spices and oils near the cooking zone and storing cutlery and dishes near the dishwasher

3.  Poor Lighting Placement – Position lighting slightly in front of you rather than directly overhead or behind you. Installing downlights, pendant lights, and sconces on separate circuits makes it easier to control your lighting levels and atmosphere

4.  Cramming a Kitchen Island In – Choose an island only if your kitchen can accommodate it or specify a narrow one.

5.  Not Maximizing Vertical Wall Space – Taking your cupboards right up to the ceiling will maximize your storage potential in a compact kitchen,” she says. “If you don’t like the idea of rows of closed-door cupboards, you can always mix it up with open shelving

6.  Assuming You Need to Change the Layout – A tweak to the layout, such as making it open plan or adding a breakfast bar or an island, may be all that’s needed.  This can save money because you won’t have to move electrical and plumbing systems.

We want your project to be as smooth and as painless as you do.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to help plan your next remodel.

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