Who Knew You Could Do a Whole Article On Shower Heads?

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Bathroom’s are still trending and will continue to trend toward the spa atmosphere.  One of those vital components is the shower system.

Ultimately there are three different types shower systems.  Shower faucets only are just the head and valve.  Bathtub and shower faucets are three-piece systems that include a shower head, the valve and the bath faucet. Shower systems include other luxurious elements for your shower, like a handheld shower head, steam shower or wall jets.  So what are the different types of shower heads available?

1.  A Single-Spray shower head is one of the most commonly purchased shower head and is suitable for any type of user looking for simple and budget friendly.

2.  Rain Shower Heads offer you a steady flow of water from directly above you and provides you a light water pressure with a large diameter that helps in evening out the water flow, allowing you to enjoy your shower without moving a lot.

3.  Handheld Shower-This type of shower head is extremely useful and helpful for bathing your kids, pets, elderly people, etc.

4.  Body Sprayers-The spray/shower outlets are fitted from the top to the bottom on parallel or adjacent walls which gives your body a massaging and invigorating experience.

5.  Steam Shower- a humidifying steam generator produces water vapor that is dispersed around a person’s body. A steam shower is essentially a steam room that offers the typical features of a bathroom shower.

6.Cascading Waterfall Shower head –  Delivers a sheet of water, providing massage enjoyment and creating a serene environment.

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