Remodeling a Bathroom This Year? Here’s the Latest to Consider

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2020 is bringing many new ideas to consider.  Customization and ultimately personalization is the key to designing the perfect bathroom space this year.  Here some helpful hints to get you going.

It’s the Age of Customization – Mixing and matching metal finishes and styles are the newest trends in bathroom remodeling.  For example mixing an oil rubbed bronze faucet with brushed nickel handles offers a more recently sought after contrasting finish.

Brand New Finish Options. 2020 is bringing 5 different finish options that give you a chance to be one of the first to install them.  Some of the new finishes include Black Matte, White Matte, Hard Graphite, Brushed Cool Sunrise, Starlight Chrome.

Customized Shower Head. There are more options for shower heads than there every has been before.  These multiple options are designed to further the spa experience of the bathroom.  Some of the new shower head experiences include aromatherapy, atomization, air induction, and rainfinity.

Wet rooms. Putting a stand-alone tub in an enclosed shower area makes sense. Why not contain all the functions that cause splashing in one space? Cue the rise of the wet room.

Art Deco Legged Vanities. this vanity frees up floor space to give the appearance of more room, and makes cleaning the floor easier while keeping the furniture style look.

We want your project to be as smooth and as painless as you do.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to help plan your next remodel.


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