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Choosing new flooring as part of an upcoming redesign or remodeling project in Madison is a crucial step of the process. With the right selection, there are few elements of a room that can offer such a dramatic makeover of the space all on its own. There’s no shortage of options, and here we’ll help sort through the clutter to find solid ground to stand on.


Hardwood is a durable, popular choice. It’s also versatile, able to work in a number of areas of the home. With different shades and styles of wood, it can also work with different colors and styling choices. Beyond the mainstay of oak, Brazilian hardwoods and other exotic choices are becoming increasingly popular as well. Further, while planks are standard, parquet is another renewed trend as of late.


On the other end of the spectrum is carpet. The range of choices here is endless, as is the range of cost. Carpet is used most often in bedrooms, living spaces such as family rooms, and finished basements.


Tile is a bit of a catchall, because there’s everything from mosaic and stone, marble and granite, to ceramic and porcelain. Different variations have assorted applications, from bathrooms to laundry rooms, kitchens, foyers and hallways, and more.


Vinyl is a budget-friendly choice for home flooring, but as with many such options in the home today, there have been great advancements over the years so that vinyl can closely mimic the look of more expensive materials. Easy to clean and maintain, and perfect for basements, laundry rooms, and even kitchens or other living spaces in place of hardwood.


Laminate is somewhat of an intermediary between a hardwood and vinyl flooring, offering some of the best of both worlds in terms of style and cost. Durable and easy to install, with a huge spectrum of style choices. A variation is engineered wood, a laminate-hardwood hybrid, with a layer of real hardwood atop a bulk of plywood layers.

There are more choices beyond these as well. From concrete to bamboo to cork, so there’s always a fun new choice to consider based on the goals of a particular project.

Knowing all of the above types of flooring, there are several key factors to help differentiate. The first, of course, is which room or area of the home is being considered. Luxurious stone tile may work in the master bathroom but be unnecessary in other bathrooms of the home, for instance, whereas of course carpet only works well in certain areas. Consider expected wear and tear from children and pets, as well as other members of the family, along with potential usages of a space when selecting its flooring.

Another key factor is budget. Consider how much of a priority is the flooring in a new kitchen remodel, versus the appliances being purchased, cabinets, lighting, and other design features? Certain flooring choices will match particular project budget ranges, and it comes down to personal preferences and priorities for how to spread that budget.

Be sure to speak with an experienced remodeling contractor in Madison who can help further guide this process. They should be able to provide you with a reliable upfront estimate breaking down costs for different components, while explaining potential options and alternatives, enabling any homeowner to make a wise decision when it comes down to nailing down the perfect new flooring.

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