Design Trends of 2020

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With a new year comes the new design trends.  Some new, some old, but design trends are always coming.  So let’s take an quick look through some of those 2020 design trends that are coming.

Multi-Functional Islands – Islands are becoming multi-functional hubs in the kitchen, allowing various zones for cooking, prepping and cleaning. And it makes sense for the person in the kitchen performing all the main tasks to be facing the island, at which guests and family might be sitting, rather than the perimeter walls.

Oversize statement pendants. Homeowners want rooms designed around these light fixtures that are basically works of art themselves. Large, impactful pendants in particular are all the rage.

Tiled bathtub aprons. Tile is a great, affordable material that adds design points to a bathroom, and ordering a few extra square feet of tile likely won’t sink the budget. That’s why we’re seeing many homeowners and designers covering the tub apron in tile or another material, like wood.

Wet rooms. Putting a stand-alone tub in an enclosed shower area makes sense. Why not contain all the functions that cause splashing in one space? Cue the rise of the wet room.

Floating double vanities. Floating a vanity frees up floor space to give the appearance of more room, and makes cleaning the floor easier than with a furniture-style vanity with legs that can trap dust.

Shower ledges.  Run your ledge along the length of your shower stall, and you’ll have tons of space for shower essentials.

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