Bathroom Layout Fails to Avoid?

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Bathroom Layout Fails to Avoid?

Function versus Fashion.  Most bathrooms are now trending towards a spa like atmosphere, but many people fail in their attempt to cram all the amenities they want with the space available.  How can you avoid these common pitfalls?  The easiest way is to know what they are and which are most important to you before you start construction. 

1. Don’t Squeeze Too Much In – A bathroom should be a place to be calm and relaxed. If it’s chock-full of fixtures, it may feel cramped and uncomfortable.

2. There is Never Enough Storage – Clutter is unsightly no matter what it is.  If you can hide behind doors, drawers, and closets it’s going to make your bathroom look cleaner and more spacious.

3.  Carefully Consider the Details – It is vitally important to make sure your selected finishes match, your colors don’t clash.  The finishes are all that you see and you want to make them right.

4.  It Needs to be Functional – This one should go without saying, however it is still a bathroom.  The toilet must be accessible, the shower shouldn’t be too small, etc.

5.  Let the Light In – Bathrooms can often feel like a dungeon.  Small spaces, narrow halls, too much stuff, and often an extreme lack of light.  The more windows you can have the better off you will be.  Sometimes big dividends can be paid even by just adding a solatube skylight.

6.  Add a Focal Point to Break Up the Bland – Many bathrooms play it safe with white and cream, but if you want to make your space more exciting, you need a focal point. It can be a difficult balance to get right — for every boring bathroom, there’s another so jazzed up that it gives you a headache.

We want your project to be as smooth and as painless as you do.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to help plan your next remodel.


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