2019 Bathroom Trends?

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Are people still looking for spa environments?  What kind of tile patterns are hot?  What are the best colors for your walls?  So what are the common trends for 2019?  Here are 6 of the most popular design items for this year…

1. Wood Look Tile Flooring – Digitally printed tiles that resemble wood.  The faux wood look creates a warm atmosphere without the fear of warping wood.

2. Double Vanity- Still a very important design and functionality style trend.  Double vanities equipped with two sinks continue to entice couples who share bathrooms and people whose children share a bathroom.

3.  Industrious Industrial Bathroom – Enjoy elements of clean and modern together.  Elements such as floating vanities, and cool new aspects like divided light muntins.

4.  Black and White – Classic black-and-white schemes have been popular for a few years now. But often today’s designers are adding a tone or two more to the mix, most predominantly in shades of the two.

5.  Wood on White – Too much white in a bathroom can make it feel too sterile. However, a good dose of wood warms it right up. Natural wood finishes on vanities work well with the veining patterns of natural stone and quartz.

6.  Getting Fun with Tile – Play with your tile color.  Mix in 2 different tile patterns, make something unique.  Standard is not so standard anymore.

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