Sarah KilpsInterior Designer

    Sarah Kilps

    Interior Designer

    Sarah Kilps

    Lives in Evansville with her boyfriend Andy, two dogs Jax and Hazel, and cat Gary

    Sarah is our interior designer that has an incredible ability to see a room and help guide you through the endless possibilities of the selection process that can be so overwhelming. She possesses a skill that she can see how color, light, finishes, cabinets, tile, and so many other design elements are truly what turn the room into a home. Making spaces beautiful and functional for every client is her main focus, and with her friendly upbeat attitude you will see why she is a dream to work with. You would be hard pressed to find another person who gets more excited about color and cabinets than Sarah.


    Sarah enjoys concerts, sporting events, golf, and boating.

    Bio Sarah

    Fun Fact:

    Sarah showed horses growing up!

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