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Ignoring the Latest Trends with Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Any kitchen design magazine on the newsstand will be all about the latest and best kitchen trends. What are the hot new colors of the season? What’s the best new trendy type of countertop, or tweak to the open kitchen design? There’s always going to be a new trend to explore when considering a kitchen remodel, but do they really matter?

The truth is that trends always change.

That’s why there is a new trendy color scheme of the season…because last season’s is already “so last season.” That keeps everyone interested in the latest developments, to buy more magazines, to redesign and then redesign again, to always be upgrading and changing.

That’s fine, but that doesn’t need to be the approach you take. The best fit your kitchen remodeling project in Madison or nearby city may not be the hottest new trend; it’ll be what fits you best. What type of design allows you to maximize the way you and your family use the space? What type of appliance is the most important for you to have?

Some new style of countertop may be the hottest new trend, but is a classic granite countertop more aligned to your personal taste? For any redesign project, finding what’s right for you is more important than following a trend.

Another area to consider is kitchen technology.

There have been a lot of breakthroughs in terms of offering more automation and control, for appliances themselves and for the room’s environment. However, technology moves rapidly. Committing to today’s trendy tech could leave behind a highly outdated kitchen in just a few years, one that’s hard to switch over, and one that loses value in comparison to whatever is the newest version of the latest and greatest of the day.

In terms of resale value for a home, keep in mind that the trendiest design elements tend to also go out of fashion the quickest, dropping resale value and reducing the return on investment of a remodel. More traditional and contemporary design choices always hold up better over the long haul. A kitchen design choice doesn’t need to be based on that; but it’s certainly a factor worth considering.

Ultimately, kitchen trends, or trendy design elements for other areas of the home, could potentially serve as a great source of inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with seeing an idea elsewhere and then deciding to put it to use. It is, of course, a great way to find ideas and start putting together a vision. However, keep in mind that just because somebody else is saying it’s fantastic and trendy, it doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. And it doesn’t mean it’s the right personal choice for you.

Trends will come and go, but your own personal style and preferences will hold true. Choose what you actually want for your own home, whether it’s a trend or not. That’s the best way to ensure you’re happy with the outcome of any kitchen remodeling project.

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