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The dreaded home remodeling project timeline never quite works out the way it was intended, does it? The truth of the matter is, it’s not always the contractor’s fault. In fact, many things beyond his or her control could be the source of the added time to complete a project, and homeowners are often simply unaware of what to expect.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to learn some of the leading causes of remodeling project delays, and to anticipate them before they arise.


The day you decide to undertake a new remodeling project is not the day the walls start coming down and contractors start buzzing about. Even beyond the period of searching for contractors, interviewing them, and comparing estimates, there are still more decisions to be made and plans to be completed. From choosing specific materials and designs, to ongoing planning, discussing ideas, and making decisions, there are many variables and issues that can arise along the way and add time to your project.

“Behind the Scenes” Details:

There are also several other “behind the scenes” tasks that are part of the remodeling process.

Local regulations typically require that permits be obtained when undergoing a home remodel, and that finished projects are inspected. Both of these could add to the timeframe. While experienced contractors should be well positioned to navigate these waters, bureaucracy is bureaucracy, and time, along with cost, should be anticipated.

Maintaining good communication with your contractor is essential to ensuring the entire process runs smoothly – including these things that happen “behind the scenes.”

Supply Acquisition:

A contractor can’t just snap his fingers and show up with a truck loaded with marble slabs or exotic wood flooring. Some supplies/materials are harder to acquire and source than others, and sometimes an unexpected shortage requires a longer delivery time.

Again, an organized contractor who plans ahead can help avoid delays and anticipate such situations.

Finished Components:

Depending on the type of remodeling project being completed, there could be a number of finished components utilized. For instance, consider artistic, unique kitchen cabinets. These will need to be made at their own pace, before being installed as a part of the finished project.

Personal Schedules:

The personal schedules and routines of a family are always important to consider. Perhaps no work can be completed after 4pm at your house because the kids need to come home and do homework, or maybe someone works from home, and needs a certain number of quiet hours during the day. Or perhaps a delay due to one of the above factors then creates a further conflict of schedule, and another delay ensues as a result.

Being aware of all of these issues at the start makes them easier to deal with if and when they occur, and to roll with the punches. Of course, several of the above are heavily dependent on the homeowners, from decision making to personal scheduling, so prioritizing what’s most important for you and your family will go a long way toward a smoother and more successful home remodeling project.

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