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Every homeowner knows how important it is to consider the monetary cost of a home remodeling project, and to stick to a budget. Yet, many overlook the importance of determining a timeline, and a “budget” for how long a project should take to complete. Let’s talk about what’s involved with the length of time it will take to finish a remodeling project.

First, it’s important to make a distinction about a project’s total timeline.

There are two time frames to consider. One piece is the time it takes to plan a project. In many cases, this is forgotten, yet it typically accounts for more time. The second piece is the actual construction and in-house work. This is when the remodeling contractor is actually in your home and getting the job done.

While there are many variables with both, the planning phase and construction phase, the latter is often more straightforward. At this point, all of the permits are obtained, the materials are on hand, and unexpected delays and obstacles should be more limited. Then, it comes down to the contractor’s schedule and your availability or openness for hours of the day, and days of the week for work to be done.

So what goes into the planning phase?

This truly begins when you decide it’s time to undertake a project. This is the time to create personal wish lists and a vision for the completed project. Time is required to research ideas, and to begin researching local contractors. Then, interviews and consultations with remodelers need to be arranged.

For a small home remodel project, the planning portion of the schedule could take just a few weeks, but for larger projects, 3-4 months is certainly possible. Choosing the right remodeling contractor can make all the difference when it comes to the timeline of a kitchen, bathroom or basement remodeling project.

In terms of construction itself, here’s a rough guideline of times to expect:

  • Bathroom Remodels: 1-3 weeks
  • Kitchen Remodels: 2-4 weeks
  • Large Basement Remodels: 3-6 weeks
  • One-room Additions: 4-10 weeks
  • Larger Additions: 6-20+ weeks

Coming up with a realistic home remodel schedule is important. Whether there’s a reason to have a project done at a specific time, or it’s about simply being able to manage life and daily responsibilities along the way. Any reliable home remodeling contractor in Madison should be able to clearly outline a project’s estimated completion date. Not everything can be controlled, but if only vague answers are provided, prepare for plenty of unforeseen delays along the way.

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