Vanity Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Bathrooms seem to be one of those places where it remains small, but you need to cram the most into it.  There are many storage areas, with many storage options.  However, for today’s purposes we are focusing on vanity storage options.

1.  Open Shelving
Open shelves allow air flow for towels, and incorporate an industrial look.  If you need to incorporate a lot of under sink plumbing open shelves also give you the flexibility to work around those pipes
2.  Doored Cabinets with Open Shelves
This concept is the same as open shelving, that allows you to work around piping, but then uses cabinet doors to close the space off.  You can also incorporate a pull out drawer with this concept.
3.  Shaped Vanity Drawers
This is a around the sink is to use every inch of space with a drawer that is sized or shaped to avoid hitting the sink and piping.  Depth of drawers can vary depending on personal choice.

4. Thin Drawers
Thin drawers (around 5 inches) are also helpful for working around a sink. They also have the advantage of holding small items like makeup and razors without any of them sinking to the bottom and getting lost in the mix.

5. Toe-Kick Drawers
Really want to wring every inch of storage space out of your bathroom? A toe kick drawer can turn that usually empty space along the floor into an additional storage space for less commonly used items

6. Tip Out Drawers
In places where you can’t really fit a true drawer, consider a small tip-out compartment.

7. Drawer Organization
By creating a space specifically designed to hold a commonly used tool like a blowdryer, you can keep it upright and ready to grab, adding a little convenience to your daily routine.

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