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Even the most frigid of winter temperatures are bearable when a wonderfully warm home awaits. It’s not just comfy sweaters and throw blankets to cuddle up on the couch with though. By keeping your basement warm, the family gets an entire space dedicated to cozy hibernation throughout those long winter months. Get the Netflix queue and the hot chocolate ready after taking heed of the following tips for ensuring a warm basement.

  1. Catch that cold air:

    The first improvement is to actually correct existing problems. Over the years, cracks can turn into large gaps that bring in a steady stream of cold air, not to mention the potential for leaks and further damage.

  2. Keep the basement dry:

    Beyond air leaks, make sure the basement is properly equipped to stay nice and dry, from quality sump pump systems, to dehumidifiers, and even re-grading the exterior of the home or installing new drainage systems.

  3. Choosing the correct flooring:

    Now that the basement’s moisture issues have been resolved, a range of flooring options becomes available. A steady, safe and dry atmosphere allows homeowners to choose insulated carpeting, for instance, as opposed to cold tiling or other solid surfaces.

  4. Connect to the home’s heating:

    Many basements aren’t set up to tap into a home’s existing, central HVAC system. If that’s the case, consider installing new vents and ducts as necessary in order to take advantage of that central heating.

  5. Insulate yourself:

    The insulation put to use in a basement, whether it’s finished or not finished, makes a huge difference. Many homeowners are often shocked to discover the old home they moved into is entirely lacking any basement insulation, or that it’s in dire need of an upgrade.

  6. Is radiant heat right for you?

    One option that is becoming more popular these days for particularly cold basements that are getting remodeled is to install one or several radiant heat systems. For instance, there’s a range of in-floor heating options available today, along with radiant wall panels, or even electric fireplaces or space heaters.

  7. Design Components:

    The visual look and feel of a basement has a huge impact, even if it doesn’t literally change the temperature. But changing a dark and dim basement into one with more natural light, brighter colors, open spaces, and so forth, helps to complete the space’s transformation into an area of the home that’s perfect for entertaining or lounging, rather than hiding away.

Ultimately, to tackle any major basement remodeling project, be sure to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable contractor who can help guide you through the process. While making the basement itself warmer, a remodeling contractor in Madison can also transform an ordinary basement into an inviting extra living space for the home, one that is physically warm, but also welcoming and comfortable.

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