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Temperatures are dropping, leaves are turning and falling, and football is gracing the television every weekend — yes, it’s fall. To make the most out of the season, and to avoid major problems before they arise, go through this checklist of must-do items to prepare your home for a wonderful autumn this year.

  1. Weather stripping:

    Go from room to room across your entire home, weather stripping doors and caulking windows, keeping warm air in and cool drafts outside where they belong.

  2. Upgrade those windows:

    Take things to the next level, and upgrade your home’s windows with high quality replacement windows that pay for themselves with energy efficiency over the long haul.

  3. Clean the gutters:

    Cleaning the gutters might not be a fun chore, but it’s always better to make a preventative run before the season, than to deal with a clogged nightmare as leaves and branches accumulate.

  4. Check the chimney:

    Fireplace season is one of the joys of cooler autumn temperatures. Be sure to have your chimney checked and cleaned so there are no obstructions and it’s ready for use as soon as it’s needed.

  5. Check the roof, too:

    Once again, making a preventative fix is better than running into major trouble later on. Check for missing or damaged shingles, leaks, or even areas of rot or decay.

  6. And the siding:

    No point in skipping the siding, either, also looking for cracks, gaps, or damage. Really, give the entire exterior of the home a once over to spot early warning signs or problem areas.

  7. Stock up on firewood:

    Now that the fireplace is sparkling clean and ready to use, it’s best to gather firewood before it’s too late. Consider cleaner-burning kiln-dried wood as an alternative choice to seasoned wood this year.

  8. Get smart:

    As in, smart home technology, such as programmable thermostats with different zones. Save money on the energy bill by automatically controlling temperature throughout the home, even right from a smart phone.

  9. Annual safety checks:

    If this isn’t already on the calendar for another time of the year, then perform annual maintenance and safety checks now; check all fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.

  10. Garden and hose prep:

    Turn off the sprinkler system, outdoor faucets, and as necessary, drain hoses and irrigation systems. Clean up those hoses and store them inside.

  11. Final lawn maintenance:

    There are some key to-dos to get the lawn ready for next year’s lush greenery. The list includes fertilization, leaf removal, tidying up the landscaping, and one last lawn mowing.

  12. Get the right gear:

    After that final round of lawn maintenance, get the fall and winter gear ready in the shed and garage, storing summer’s equipment out of the way. Think snow shovels or blowers, salt for walkways, and so forth. And, be sure to test any mechanical gear as necessary.

  13. HVAC work:

    Get the HVAC unit in working order, whether it’s changing filters, checking for leaks or blocks, winterizing an outdoor AC unit, and so forth.

To tackle any of the larger projects on this list or learn more ways about how to upgrade the home this season, be sure to contact an experienced remodeling contractor in Madison for assistance. It’s not too late to tackle that long awaited home remodel before the year’s over.

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